Jim Hereford is a businessman

October 24th, 2012 - Posted by Admin

Jim Hereford is a businessman who has worked in the telecommunications industry for years. He is a veteran of an industry that has very few due to its relatively young age. Jim Hereford is based out of Spokane, Washington, and is the CEO (or Chief Executive Officer) of Fiber Net Inc. Jim Hereford also happens to be the man who founded Fiber Net Inc. He created this company in order to offer services related to fiber optic cables, which have become increasingly popular recently. Hereford founded Fiber Net Inc. in 1996. This company is a family business too, with his father, whose name is Ed, and his brother, whose name is Jed. Ed and Jed Hereford help Jim to manage the operations of Fiber Net Inc. in various ways. Fiber Net Inc. is a company that works with fiber optic cable services, including placement of cables and directional drilling services.

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